Ludum Dare 33: You are the monster

I used fluent dialogue and a modified version of my fade obstructions assets in the latest Ludum Dare. Still need to think of what the game should be called. I’m thinking “2 minute adventure”, because thats about how long it takes to finish the game. The other option that was …

Top Down Game

I’m trying to get Unity 5’s standard shader to play nice with my fade obstructions asset. In the process I improved it to also fade children, the effect can be seen on my top down prototype game.

Minimal Feature Set

To complete Solar Wars it simply needs a winning state. That is where I should start. I want the game to stay drop in / drop out so that game setup is as simple as most of the competitive multiplayer games these days. If you join a round late you …

Direction, Doubt and Focus

The last 4 years I was connected to the internet via a 3G connection. That almost completely barred me from playing online multiplayer games, the kind I like anyway. We now have fiber all the way from the house to our ISP, which means a 5ms ping when playing battlefield. …


Mechanics, what the player does defines gameplay. With a top down view fly on a 2D plane through space controlling a space ship Connect planets with trade routes by flying between them to gain score Break the trade routes of other players by creating a trade route that crosses theirs Kill other players Does that …

Top down games

I love top down games, it gives the player a better sens of his surroundings than a first person game.

I play games

Creating art for the sake of art is pointless, I am beyond being happy about just being part of the process, I want the game to sell. The problem is as the previous post stated: I have very little actual game design experience. I do however play games.