Minimal Feature Set

To complete Solar Wars it simply needs a winning state. That is where I should start.

I want the game to stay drop in / drop out so that game setup is as simple as most of the competitive multiplayer games these days. If you join a round late you will have a lower score, but that’s ok, because in the next round you will start on equal footing.

I would like to have teams, but this is the minimal feature set.

So here is a list of things I need to do:

  1. Round end UI to show who won
  2. Time limited rounds, fixed for now, say 5 minutes
    1. Reset trade routes after round [done]
    2. Reset player scores to zero [done]
    3. Pause connections for 5 seconds [done]
  3. Display the round time left on the UI [done]
  4. Score on UI to indicate the player color [done]
  5. The player’s ship needs to show his color. Perhaps a simple circle/shield around the player in his color [done]
  6. Colors need to be predefined instead of random, this way I can control how close two colors are to each other [done]

After completing the minimal feature set I would like to:

  • Show Kills/Deaths/Score
  • Show the player health as a bar instead of an integer
  • Show ping to server on server selection list
  • Somehow improve on level design, add multiple levels
  • Add different types of weapons
  • Let a player drop something when he dies, perhaps just score
  • Add lan play so that a master server is not necessary behind a NAT/Firewall
    • Show your IP on server
    • Allow a box to join a server by IP

Ok, so now I have something specific to focus on.