Direction, Doubt and Focus

The last 4 years I was connected to the internet via a 3G connection.

That almost completely barred me from playing online multiplayer games, the kind I like anyway. We now have fiber all the way from the house to our ISP, which means a 5ms ping when playing battlefield. For one thing I cannot blame a slow connection for sucking at a game anymore.

So what do I like about the experience of playing battlefield ?

  • Improving
    • I can see myself improving almost weekly, which is easy to measure because of score
    • There are other weapons to unlock, which could improve my score
  • Social
    • I didn’t like the game’s internal VOIP so I setup a team talk server and bought a headset
    • Squads and platoons bring player together
  • Levels
    • Its just an amazingly large map, I could spend one entire game defending just one building.
    • I continue to discover new things
  • Multiple ways of traveling
    • Land
    • Air
    • Sea
  • As close to a real war as I’m ever willing to get

I would love to create the same type of experience in a top down game and due to the inherent modularity in unity it feels like its possible. Should the game be steered in this direction ?

There are already top down games like this, most notably a game called ‘recruits’ which is available via early access on steam. It obviously doesn’t have the ‘connect towers’ or whatever mechanic, but is that just a gimmick ? and there doubt settles in for the long haul.

It feels like the ‘connect the towers’ is a game mode, like capture the flag, could it stand on it’s own ? How complicated does a game need to be to be appealing ? Feels like I always over complicate things and then lose interest. My focus should be completing this at all costs, not creating another unreachable goal.