Mechanics, what the player does defines gameplay.

  • With a top down view fly on a 2D plane through space controlling a space ship
  • Connect planets with trade routes by flying between them to gain score
  • Break the trade routes of other players by creating a trade route that crosses theirs
  • Kill other players

Does that sound like a game ?

Sounds like something is missing right ? Some of the biggest questions remaining are:

  • What would the winning condition be ?
  • How long should a game last ?
  • Levels Design
  • How large are the levels ?
  • In non-space games the levels are traditionally divided by walls. What are the elements in the levels design ?

Could it be that space is just too boring ? Would a zone 66 type game with a terrain be more interesting ? What would happen to the trade route connection mechanic ? How about towers that transport energy to the team’s base ?

If there is a terrain:

  • Travel on foot
  • Have land based vehicles
  • Definitely have more level design elements
  • Much more work