I play games

Creating art for the sake of art is pointless, I am beyond being happy about just being part of the process, I want the game to sell. The problem is as the previous post stated: I have very little actual game design experience. I do however play games.

So the question is what needs to be done to Solar Wars for it to be a success. It obviously needs to be fun to play, I need to find it fun to play. So the first order of business is to play the game. We are organizing a 4 player game in the next week or two to discuss the state of the game.

Things to discuss

  • How or when does the game end ?
  • Are there going to be different game types ? or are we focusing on one type of game.
  • We are sticking with the connected worlds theme, is score the only effect connecting worlds has ?
  • What are the rules ? Can ‘trade routes’ cross other worlds ? Are we making areas ? The more trade routes a world has …
  • How are the levels going to differ ?
  • Is there a global leader board and how would it be determined ?
  • Is there different weapons ? How are they acquired ?
  • What will this game give players no or few other games do ? Multiplayer puzzle action ?